How Much Does a Wedding in France Really cost?

Updated: May 27, 2019

Wouldn't it be lovely if the answer was a simple figure!

By the end of our article below, you should have a clearer idea with our real example of a wedding for 75 people we managed last year.

The Cost of a Wedding in France

The first thing to mention is that your special day is just that, special. So to a certain extent normal budgeting is put on hold and everyone makes the effort to spend a little more. However, there are still ways to stretch that budget to its absolute maximum. Once you've decided on the number of people you want to invite you'll have a clearer picture but in our experience, most weddings involve from 70 - 100 people. In the UK, that will cost on average between £25,000 and £30,000. In France, (outside of the major cities) the same wedding will be around 12-15,000€!

Why is it so much cheaper to have a wedding in France? Firstly, at three times the size of the UK, France is a large country and so there are many more wedding venues available. Secondly, most weddings take place in the beautiful French countryside and so the artisans who supply services have lower costs than those based in the cities. Thirdly, after the venue, the next highest cost is catering. In a country which relishes its position as the arbiter of grand cuisine, food and wine is considerably cheaper than the UK.

Some Real Figures

So, let's take a look at the real example. The budget below was for a wedding we managed last May (2018) in the Charente Maritime region close to La Rochelle.

The wedding was for 75 people and was held in a smaller style Chateau:

  • The venue 3500€

  • The catering 3000€

  • Reception/Meal Wine 1000€

  • Photographer 1250€

  • Table decoration 750€

  • Flowers 750€

  • Cake 400€

  • Hair/Make-up 250€

  • Wedding Transport 300€

  • Management 500€

  • Entertainment (DJ) 800€

Total: 13,400€ or £11,800 (as at May 2018)

Some venues will have accommodation and some not and the above prices exclude accommodation and transportation from the UK. For the wedding shown, the couple and their immediate family of eight people spent 900€ in total for accommodation including breakfast for three nights, £850 for flights to La Rochelle and 400€ for two cars.

Now, as we started out by mentioning, every wedding event is different but 10% either way on the above real example shouldn't be too far off the mark for your planning.

Next time: The difference between getting married in France and having a wedding ceremony.

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