The Croquembouche

Of course, if a couple want a traditional three-tier wedding cake for their ceremony in France, our skilled artisans can make a perfect one from local ingredients but what about a little French-style...

Croquembouche is literally translated as 'crunch in the mouth' and boy, does it live up to its name. For about two hundred years, this delightful dessert has been the goto for weddings, baptisms or indeed, any group celebration. Looking a bit like a large mountain of profiteroles, the cake is made from cream-stuffed choux pastry balls which are formed into a tower. Then, the whole cake is covered in caramalised and spun sugar decorated with edible flowers, chocolate and macaroons. Our own artisan, Zaneta makes a lovely local version with more than just a slight nod in the cream to our locale, Cognac. You can more or less guarantee there won't be any left over to take home!

Charentaise Weddings

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