Selecting a venue? 4 things to think about...

So you've chosen a destination wedding in France, more specifically, south west France. First big question: The Venue!

Searching for a perfect venue needs some thought, here's four important questions: Question 1. What type of venue?

It really depends on the couples selected theme. Glorious old chateau, modern salon attached to hotel, contemporary meeting hall or a local village centre. There is a plethora of choice and yours will depend on whether you are happy to travel around or would prefer to stay put for the duration. In our experience at Wedding in France, the easiest solution is to have everyone in one place, apart from perhaps the majority of guests who will stay locally. 

Question 2. How many people?

Pretty obvious really but many make the mistake of choosing a wedding in France venue early on and then having to cull the invitations because of a size restriction in the establishment. Most venues are going to be much-of-a-muchness in price at the normal breakpoints of 50, 100, 150, 200 people, so it's better to over estimate than be left having to decide if Aunt Ethel is a keeper.... Question 3. What type of food?

If you select a village centre or stand alone venue then you will have to bring catering in. About 90% of weddings in France run this way and there are plenty of traiteurs set up to provide this service. Larger venues such as domaines or chateaux will probably be able to offer restaurant facilities.

The cost differences between catering and in-house are not that different and you will be able to select a 'per head' price for the food. Champagne and wine is decided separately and while a major cost, compared to UK prices, this important part of the celebrations is less expensive. However do remember, if you are in a chateau or domaine which provides catering, you must buy their wine, beer and spirits. If you decide on a stand alone venue then the choice is yours and considerably cheaper. It is very hard to state firm prices but a rough guide for 100 people, including wine and champagne, is 175-200€ in a chateau or domain and 90 - 125€ elsewhere. Question 4. Can you party into the night?

Some venues have noise and occupation limits and this might apply to a few domaines and chateaux as well. Being France, these limits may well be anythin from 11pm to 3am in the morning - sufficient for most party-goers but not all - so check that the DJ or band can let rip for as long as you like or whether the venue has legal limits. At Wedding in France, we can help you with all these decisions so please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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